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I am a 29 year old political journalist and broadcaster originally from Birmingham, UK. I graduated from Cambridge University in 2017 with a Classics degree before embarking on a career in the journalism industry. 

I have worked as a political correspondent at Yahoo News UK since September 2021, and you can find my portfolio for Yahoo News UK here. I am the first lobby correspondent for the organisation, navigating the Westminster beat alone. Before Yahoo News UK, I worked briefly as political correspondent at and spent several months as a freelance news reporter at EachOther. During my time in these roles I have secured a substantial list of political exclusives independently which can be found here. 

As well as print journalism, I am proficient in broadcast journalism - appearing multiple times on shows like Politics Live and Good Morning Britain to provide political analysis. I regularly do newspaper reviews for Times Radio, as well as providing political insight on other outlets including BBC radio shows and LBC. Other appearances include Sky News paper reviews, BBC One's Sunday Morning Live, The Jeremy Vine Show, and This Morning. You can find more about my broadcast experience here. 

I have a strong interest in documentary making, recording Black, Jewish And Proud for BBC World Service radio last year. I travelled to Israel for the documentary where I spoke to members of the Ethiopian Jewish community - the largest Black Jewish community in the world. I am keen to do more of this sort of work, and am open to opportunities in the field. 

As well as reporting and broadcast work, I have extensive experience in comment and opinion pieces - which includes writing for The Guardian, The Independent, Metro, and the Huffington Post. I have written about a variety of subjects including politics, race, class, and identity. 

Before my career in journalism, while at university I served as president of the Cambridge University Student Union's Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign. I also co-founded the Benin Bronze Appreciation Committee which focused on repatriating the Benin Bronze Okukor at Jesus College, Cambridge. The campaign was successful, and the college announced its intentions to repatriate the Bronze last year.  Alongside this, I also co-founded the "Our Grade, Our Choice" campaign, which sought to let students "opt-in" to class list publication. The campaign was successful, and an opt-in system was adopted in 2018. 

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