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25 May 2022, The New Statesman

It is vitally important that politicians and public health officials are aware of the issue, and are conscious of how the disproportionate portrayal of monkeypox on black people has material risks: it is both a social and medical issue.

12 July 2021, Glamour

It reminds me that it could have been my brothers up there missing that penalty and getting this racial hatred.

23 February 2021, The Guardian

Like so many other families across the UK, the pandemic made her illness and death a heartbreaking struggle.

7 January 2021, The Forward

Watching the scenes of violence unfold in the United States Capitol on Wednesday from the United Kingdom was a surreal experience — but not an entirely shocking one.

15 December 2020, Stylist

The Jewish festival of Chanukah is here, but like everything else this year it will be changed by Covid-19 restrictions. Here, a young Jewish woman tells us how she will mark the holiday a little differently in 2020.

30 October 2020, The Independent

The party’s longstanding issues have radicalised people on all sides of the debate – with little care for what happens to Jewish people in the process.

22 October 2020, EachOther

The debate around reparations for colonialism and slavery has often been an explosive one. It is often dismissed as far removed from reality, relating to events in the distant past. But the legacy and consequences of colonialism are material, living, and breathing – which makes debates around colonial restitution as relevant now as they have ever been.

2 October 2020, EachOther

While politicians say draconian and sweeping measures are designed to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, a myopic and generalised approach risks worsening the physical and mental well-being of students in the UK.

25 September 2020, EachOther

In just a few days time, MPs will vote on whether the government should retain its “unprecedented powers” under Coronavirus Act 2020 for another six months. A lack of proper scrutiny threatens our democracy, could cost lives, and could allow conspiracy theories to dominate the narrative, writes Nadine Batchelor-Hunt.

10 September 2020, EachOther

Our country appears to be having an identity crisis. We celebrate our role in sheltering Jewish children fleeing Nazi persecution while letting young people escaping war-affected nations drown in the Channel.

28 July 2020, VICE

Recent tweets from Wiley and Jay Electronica, among others, have sown discord and division between communities that have more in common than not.

10 August 2020, Stylist

This is a concise description of your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had. The most effective portfolios give a clear snapshot of where you’re coming from and where you’re going in a way that’s easy for readers to scan and absorb quickly.

2 July 2020, Hey Alma

Microaggressions and structural issues can make merely being in Jewish spaces incredibly tough for people like me.

2 July 2020, The Huffington Post

Archaic views of men like Starkey show us there is clearly much to learn about Britain’s sinister past.

21 June 2020, +972 Magazine

There is a reason George Floyd's murder resonated with Black British people: we are all too familiar with the UK's institutional racism and police brutality.

18 June 2020, The Huffington Post

How can the Black community trust the government to bring about change when Dominic Raab likens taking a knee to Game of Thrones?

29 November 2019, The Guardian

After recognising a sinister Latin inscription on the sculpture in Jesus College, Cambridge, I began a campaign to return it

14 October 2019,

It is no secret that Cambridge’s culture, and history, is still overwhelmingly wrapped up in whiteness.

22 September 2019, Metro

The Brexit debate has consumed British politics for the last three years, completely overshadowing the growing crises domestically in areas like education, the NHS, or homelessness. As Brexiteers bang on about needing to ‘take back control’, fierce internationalist Remainers shout ‘stop Brexit’ daily outside Parliament.

28 June 2019, The Huffington Post

This is a concise description of your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had. The most effective portfolios give a clear snapshot of where you’re coming from and where you’re going in a way that’s easy for readers to scan and absorb quickly.

11 June 2019, The Huffington Post

From comparing women in the burqa to 'letterboxes' to once writing of 'piccanninies' with 'watermelon smiles', the prospect of a bigot like Johnson in Downing Street turns my stomach.

28 May 2019, The Huffington Post

When I first started at Cambridge, I felt there was no place for me. Now, for the first time ever, black prospective students looking to apply will finally be able to see someone like them in one of the university's most respected roles.

22 May 2019, The Huffington

Yes, characters we’d watched for a decade became unrecognisable, and the story felt too fast – but I still feel privileged to have witnessed such an epic piece of television.

1 May 2019, The Huffington Post

This investigation is a vital opportunity to show how and why colonialism and slavery colours our nation and our institutions – something we need if we want a more tolerant, cohesive, and progressive society

12 April 2019, The Huffington Post

Stepping out into a society that is so suspicious of your blackness feels dangerous. It feels hostile, ostracising. It is a society where you are always a suspect and where you are constantly on trial.

25 May 2019, The Huffington Post

In a world where white supremacism and extreme right-wing populism continues to spiral out of control, the time for soft language is over.

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