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31 July 2023

The energy security and net zero (ESNZ) select committee of MPs is set to summon industry bosses as concern begins to grow concerns over a double whammy of energy debt and high energy bills this winter.

28 June 2023, PoliticsHome

Leading figures in the food industry are wary of discussions around government measures to tackle high prices and have questioned claims that supermarkets are profiteering while inflation remains high.

22 June 2023, PoliticsHome

Labour MP Marsha De Cordova has written to the Home Office demanding compensation pay for victims of the Windrush scandal as delays have meant that a number of people have died without justice.

19 June 2023, PoliticsHome

Tory MP Neil Hudson, who sits on the environment and rural affairs (EFRA) committee, has said that laws to protect against attacks by dangerous dogs “could and should be reformed” after a spike in fatal dog attacks.

23 May 2023, PoliticsHome

Shadow disabilities minister Vicky Foxcroft has told PoliticsHome that a Labour government would ensure better transparency over benefits sanctions at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

17 May 2023, PoliticsHome

MPs on the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have called on the government to prioritise tackling NHS waiting lists to assess people who could have the disorder.

9 May 2023, PoliticsHome

Chair of the environment, food, and rural affairs (EFRA) committee is considering a proposal to summon supermarket bosses to parliament as food prices reach a 45 year high.

19 April 2023, PoliticsHome

Labour MP and black maternal health advocate Bell Ribeiro-Addy has told PoliticsHome “the government is very clearly ignoring the factors of race" after a new report showed black women are four times more likely to die in childbirth than their white peers.

11 April 2023, PoliticsHome

Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), has told PoliticsHome Brexit and last year’s political turmoil may be among factors that have contributed to the IMF's gloomy economic forecasts for the UK.

4 April 2023, PoliticsHome

Home secretary Suella Braverman has been accused of “mainstreaming far-right talking points” with remarks spotlighting race in her announcement of the government's latest plans to tackle so-called “grooming gangs”.

23 March 2023, PoliticsHome

Exclusive: Two Labour MPs claim that Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has backtracked on his previous acceptance the force has a problem with institutional racism because of government "pressure".

14 March 2023, PoliticsHome

Changes to the Energy Profits Levy that would introduce a “price floor” for the windfall tax have been under consideration in the Treasury, following concerns investment in the North Sea is at risk, PoliticsHome understands.

10 March 2023, PoliticsHome

A Conservative peer has called the government’s new plans for unaccompanied minors claiming asylum in the UK “outlandish”.

8 March 2023, PoliticsHome

The government’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) team at the department for energy security and net zero (ESNZ) is taking forward plans to deliver a social tariff for energy bills, PoliticsHome understands.

8 March 2023, PoliticsHome

Exclusive: New polling by Savanta for PoliticsHome has revealed that 55 per cent of women surveyed have little or no trust at all in the police’s ability to keep women safe.

6 March 2023, PoliticsHome

Labour has called for a more dynamic approach to tackling the UK’s economic inactivity issues by tailoring employment support at a local level and expanding the accessibility of Job Centre support.

16 December 2022, Yahoo News UK

Bridgen's comments have drawn a stinging rebuke from experts approached by Yahoo News UK.

30 November 2022, Yahoo News UK

Steve Webb, former minister of state for pensions under the coalition government 2010 - 2015, told Yahoo News UK that many pensioners will have died before receiving their full entitlement as a result.


23 November 2022, Yahoo News UK

Research conducted by Savanta ComRes exclusively for Yahoo News UK this week found the most common word people use to describe Hancock is: "Idiot".

15 November 2022, Yahoo News UK

Three of the UK's leading charities have come together and called on Rishi Sunak to increase benefits in line with inflation in this week's budget, warning "people are existing, not living" amid the worsening cost-of-living crisis.

11 November 2022, Yahoo News UK

A Labour MP said she was touched in an unwanted sexual manner by a male MP amid growing concerns about the behaviour of politicians in Westminster.

25 July 2022, Yahoo News UK

A senior economist has warned the UK is facing "austerity by stealth" as soaring inflation eats into public sector finances.

21 July 2022, Yahoo News UK

A senior Labour MP has claimed the Conservative Party is "more extreme than ever" as the remaining two leadership candidates set themselves for a potentially bruising battle to be prime minister.

8 July 2022, Yahoo News UK

Tugendhat told Yahoo News UK that he stands by his comments.

6 July 2022, Yahoo News UK

A senior Conservative MP said Buckingham Palace intends to block an early general election if Boris Johnson calls one as a last ditch attempt to save his premiership.

10 June 2022, Yahoo News UK

A government minister has been accused of showing "contempt for voters" after saying that Birmingham and Blackpool are "godawful" places.

27 May 2022, Yahoo News UK

Rishi Sunak will donate his energy bill discount to a charity in his constituency.

14 April 2022

Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley and shadow minister for women and girls, said her constituents are "being pushed to the brink of homelessness by their bills".

3 May 2022, Yahoo News UK

A senior Labour MP has said people should have the legal right to energy for their homes as the escalating cost-of-living crisis leaves households choosing between heating and eating.

1 April 2022, Yahoo News UK

The shadow chancellor has accused the government of "burning taxpayer cash" amid the spiralling cost-of-living crisis.

1 April 2022, Yahoo News UK

At least a million households that won’t receive the government’s £200 energy "loan" will still be liable to pay it back, according to new analysis from Labour.

11 February 2022, Yahoo News UK

New Savanta ComRes polling exclusive to Yahoo News UK suggests the public are confused.

11 February 2022, Yahoo News UK

Labour has branded Rishi Sunak's energy bills "discount" a "shoddily designed buy now, pay later loan scheme" after research revealed poor levels of understanding of the policy among the British public.

18 March 2022, Yahoo News UK

London mayor Sadiq Khan has sent a message to Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin's authoritarian regime telling them they are welcome in London.

25 January 2022, Yahoo News UK

Rishi Sunak accidentally attended Boris Johnson's birthday gathering during lockdown, a Treasury source said.

12 January 2022, Yahoo News UK

Rishi Sunak was not invited to the Downing Street party and was not there, a Treasury source has said.

18 January 2022, Yahoo News UK

A Conservative MP has said more Tory MPs are on the verge of submitting confidence letters in Boris Johnson.

12 January 2022, Yahoo News UK

A Labour MP who lost three family members to COVID-19 has called on Boris Johnson to resign after the prime minister admitted he attended a 'bring-your-own-booze' gathering at Number 10 while the country was in lockdown.

16 December 2021, Yahoo News UK

The mayor of West Yorkshire has told Michael Gove that "levelling up will require systemic change".

22 November 2021, Yahoo News UK

Whether it's HS2, Universal Credit or the toxic scandal over MPs’ second jobs, Labour are convinced they have an attack line that will stick: the Tories are out of touch.

For Labour's Jonathan Reynolds, the latest example is Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell lamenting potential rule changes to ban second jobs, in which he claimed it would threaten the "lifestyle" of many MPs.

24 November 2021, Yahoo News UK

Andy Burnham has warned Labour could be wiped out in the North if they do not connect with voters in the region.

18 November 2021, Yahoo News UK

The PM has been accused of "shortchanging" the North after the government announced the eastern leg of HS2 was being scrapped while the planned Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) was being curtailed.

24 November 2021, Yahoo News UK

Parliament's youngest MP has said she overheard a Conservative MP laughing and joking about climate change as a debate on COP26 was due to start.

16 November 2021, Yahoo New

To Nadia Whittome, the idea that MPs should need to take on lucrative second jobs to get by is bizarre.

25 May 2021, JOE

It has been one year since George Floyd was brutally murdered on the streets of Minneapolis at the hands of then police officer, Derek Chauvin.

14 May 2021, JOE

The shadow minister for women and equalities says new legislation on freedom of speech risks unleashing a 'force that they are not going to be able to control'.

4 May 2021, JOE

The mayoral election will test whether the Conservatives can hold their gains in the Red Wall

27 March 2021, JOE

The West Midlands, once a Labour stronghold, has now become a key battleground for the future of the party

4 April 2021, JOE

Sadiq Khan has pledged to introduce rent controls for the capital if he is re-elected as London mayor on 6 May.

19 March 2021, JOE

The Labour MP and Chair of East and South East Asians for Labour says racism towards people of East and South East Asian (ESEA) descent is not taken seriously.

11 March 2021, JOE

The Labour MP and shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding stunned parliament to silence today when she read the names of women killed at the hands of men in the last year.

3 March 2021, JOE

If some of the government's announcements today look familiar to you its because they were in Labour's 2019 manifesto

29 October 2020, EachOther

“I don’t know if I’d have been willing to take a chance on the back of a lorry or a dinghy,” said Lord Alf Dubs, on whether he feels he would be welcomed if he had made his journey to Britain as a child refugee today.

12 March 2020, Mancunian Matters

Giving the budget a “six out of ten”, Andy Burnham has expressed concerns that it was “a little high on rhetoric and a little bit low on delivery”.

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