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22 November 2022, Yahoo News UK

Ben Robinson, from north London, has severe asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He is one of many disabled Brits fearing for his health this winter.

7 October 2022, Yahoo News UK

Among those at risk is Mark Baggley, 62 from Hull, who suffers with breathing difficulties and is a wheelchair user.

16 September 2022, Yahoo News UK

There is a quiet at the Queen's lying in state that you would not expect in the middle of one of the busiest and most bustling cities in the world.

6 September 2022, Yahoo News UK

Mary, 47, lives alone in Northumberland and tells Yahoo News UK that going without food is becoming normal for her.

1 April 2022, Yahoo News UK

Emma Young, a mum of three from Hertfordshire who is living with incurable stage four breast cancer, is among Brits having to make sacrifices on basic essentials to get by.

29 March 2022, Yahoo News UK

This is a concise description of your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had. The most effective portfolios give a clear snapshot of where you’re coming from and where you’re going in a way that’s easy for readers to scan and absorb quickly.

3 February 2022, Yahoo News UK

Anne, 51, who lives in Nottingham with her partner said her situation is desperate, describing it as "energy blind panic".

24 December 2021, Yahoo News UK

For Matthew and his partner Sophie, a crucial element of their role as volunteers at a Birmingham foodbank is making sure people don't feel ashamed about asking for help.

24 December 2021, Yahoo News UK

As millions of people take to the roads to make the journey home to spend Christmas with their family, a queue is forming outside the Trussell Trust's foodbank in Sparkhill, Birmingham.

10 November 2021, Yahoo News UK

Richard Ratcliffe appeared noticeably thinner and frail, at times slurring his words.

24 September 2021, Yahoo News UK

Martin Lewis has warned a "political solution" must be found to address the growing energy crisis ahead of what he says could be a bleak winter for those facing a double whammy of soaring bills and cuts to Universal Credit.


When missiles were fired at the hospital where Oleksandr Karpenko was working as a trauma surgeon, he and his colleagues would hide in the basement until the bombing had stopped.

20 October 2020, EachOther

“What we’re asking for is evidence,” said Si Vanderbelt, 44, owner of a Liverpool micro pub whose future is now uncertain following the introduction of strict tier 3 Covid restrictions.

18 September 2020, EachOther

“This pregnancy was always going to be harder for me as it follows a missed miscarriage last year,” said Danielle Walsh, 32, who is expecting to give birth to her twins next week.

2 September 2020, EachOther

The discussion around diversity and racism in Britain’s traditional media outlets has been reinvigorated by the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement. But less talked about is how Black Britons have for decades forged their own independent media platforms to serve their communities where the mainstream was found wanting.

18 August 2020, EachOther

After the government’s humiliating A-level U-turn, thousands of students on vocational courses feel left in the dark about what will happen to their grades and their futures.

14 August 2020, EachOther

Schooling in the UK was thrown into disarray as Covid-19 took hold this spring, with final year A-level students from working class and/or Black, Asian and minority ethnicity (BAME) backgrounds among the hardest hit.

11 February 2020, The Mirror

Rupert, 31, says he was imprisoned after getting in a fight with a man who was sexually harassing his step-daughter. He's lived in Britain since he was 13. Now he's being deported to a country he barely knows.

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